They’re bilingual baby

They’re bilingual baby

I could easily count the number of native English speakers I know, who have learnt to speak Spanish. On the occasions that I hear an English-speaking foreigner hablando en Spanish I get tingles and am hit by a rush of inspiration. After realising, this I did countless Google searches on “celebrities who speak Spanish”, and low and behold… not many native English speaking celebrities have accomplished the task. The most notable example I could find however was the very elegant Gwyneth Paltrow. She speaks with a cute España accent, and in my humble opinion she is pretty darn good. (jump to 45 seconds)


An interesting discovery was that funny-guy, Jack Black speaks Spanish, well at least basic Spanish. He is hilarious, even in Spanish.


David Beckham even gave it a go at the press release ending his time in Spain. Even though he doesn’t do a great job of it, I’m super impressed. It really is so scary taking the plunge to talk in another language, and you can see by the way he hangs his head in his hands at the end that he was embarrassed, and relieved to have it finished. Good on him!


This one is pretty silly, and maybe offensive – but still, they’re speaking Spanish… kind of.


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